About The Company


Thermotrack believes in a customer focussed approach to tracking. We realise that companies are all faced with different challenges and that there is no 'one size fits all' -solution to address the demands of all customers. We therefore pride ourselves in supplying dynamic, customised solutions, that enable businesses to monitor factors that is of cardinal importance to them. For Thermotrack, it is not about selling a product, but rather to build long term business relationships with our customers, by offering solutions that can be adapted regularly to the customer's changing needs.


To grow Thermotrack from a regionally recognized Tracking Solutions Provider, to a well known, well diversified national company, known for its innovation and customer service in the Logistics and Temperature Monitoring industries.

    In today's world, technological advancement has become one of the standard measures by which to demonstrate a business's capabilities, success and longevity. Information; the key to better business decisions and market knowledge and insight- the ability to discern and set apart. It is exactly for this reason that Thermotrack was established in 2009 and why we have since, become a trusted monitoring partner to many. We believe that in complex business situations, facts and figures should be clear, simple and as unambiguous as possible.

    With that said, we are focussed on supplying highly sophisticated and tailored monitoring solutions, that will not only reflect the immediate, but combine 'real-time' with the relevant statistics and averages needed to give meaning to what would otherwise only be data; an intelligent system that equips a business with means to effectively manage, avoid risk and make well informed decisions.

    Our philosophy- to treat businesses as individualistic and different as the people that start them, realising that monitoring needs may change over time. For us, there is no 'one size fits all'-approach to tracking, but rather a specific and customised approach, where staying abreast the changing technology and application of industry specific knowledge is the answer.